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Nomination open for 2021 class of '#EuropeIndia40 Leaders list'

An annual listing of 40 leaders under the age of 40 who are doing great work in the EU India corridor and UK India corridor.

Are you a young leader below the age of 40 who is playing a role in promoting a stronger EU India relations/ UK India relations, either through your business activity, think tank, NGO, Charity, trade body etc or do you know someone who is active in this space and and would like to nominate them to the 2021 class of #EuropeIndia40 leaders list ? Then go through the below information as it has potential to showcase your work to a larger audience in the #EuIndia corridor and #UKIndia corridor thereby changing your life

EuropeIndia40, an initiative of EICBI which is in its 3rd year to discover Top 40 under 40 Europe India Leaders, will cover the stories of the young leaders and their contributions in promoting EU India / UK India relations. The2019 class of #EuropeIndia40 leaders list was released at the European Parliament in Brussels whereas 2020 class of #EuropeIndia40 leaders list was released virtually in the presence of leaders from European Parliament, Indian Parliament and British Parliament.

#EuropeIndia40 leaders had the opportunity to participate in number of virtual discussions which also involved Members of Parliament from European Parliament, UK Parliament and Indian Parliament so as to explore various issues in the #EuIndia/ #UKIndia corridor and to deliberate on solutions for them.

The themes that were discussed during the virtual interactions over the past few months include

Following leaders from UK Parliament, European Parliament and Indian Parliament participated in the virtual discussion held over the past few months.

  • Lord Moylan - Member of the House of Lords, the UK Parliament, and former Deputy Chairman of Transport for London

  • Ms. Ursa Pondelek – Policy Advisor for EU India Relations, European Parliament

  • Ms. Priyanka Chaturvedi – Member of the Indian Parliament and a member of Parliamentary Standing Committee on External Affairs

  • Mr. Achyuta Samanta MP - A Member of the Indian Parliament and Ex-Member of Parliamentary Standing Committee on External Affairs

  • Dr Kirit P Solanki MP, Member of Parliament - India/ Member- Standing Committee on Environment, Forest & Climate Change

  • Ms Svenja Hahn MEP, Member of European Parliament - Germany

  • Mr Robert Peter Moore MP, Member of Parliament - United Kingdom/ Member of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs select committee

  • Mr Soren Gade MEP - Member of European Parliament - Denmark/ Chairman - EU Delegation for Relations with India

  • Lord Rami Ranger - Member of House of Lords - UK Parliament/ Patron - Conservative Friends of India

  • Dr K Keshava Rao MP - Member of Parliament - India/ Chairman - Parliamentary Standing Committee on Industry

  • Sir Iain Duncan Smith - Member of Parliament for Chingford & Woodford Green - UK Parliament/ Ex Leader of the Conservative Party.

  • Mr Sandro Gozi MEP- Member of European Parliament - France/ Member - EU Delegation for Relations with India, European Parliament/ Former Undersecretary for European affairs of the Italian Government

  • Lord Hannan- Member of House of Lords - UK Parliament/ Advisor - UK Board of Trade

  • Mr Anto Anthony MP - Member of Parliament - India / Member of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Tourism, Transport and Culture

For the leaders who get elected to be part of the 2021 class of #EuropeIndia40 leaders list, they get to avail the following benefits.

  • Opportunities to be part of discussions involving Members of Parliaments from Indian Parliament, UK Parliament and EU Parliament. Leaders from 2020 Class and 2019 class participated in number of such discussions this year. Do find more details here -

  • A special “Top 40 Under 40 EuropeIndia Leaders List” certificate so as to reflect your selection as #EuropeIndia40 leader.

  • Gain unique access to high profile business and political personalities from the UK, EU and India.

  • Your personalised social media campaign to recognise your contribution as an EuropeIndia40 Leader.

  • You will be referenced in press releases.

  • You will be invited to present your thoughts and ideas during EICBI future activities and white paper.

  • Will be featured in our website’s section of 2021 class of #EuropeIndia40 Leaders.


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