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International  UN Day of education

In honour of the upcoming

International UN Day of education,



The Role of Education in Boosting Trade and Investment


UK Parliament, London

25th January 2024

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Europe India Centre of Business and Industry and its associate organisations have organised 24 Major summits at British Parliament in London, 4 Major summits at European Parliament in Brussels over the past few years in promoting trade and relations between India and European Union as well as between India and the UK. 

In addition to the physical summits, EICBI has organised number of virtual activities as part of the EuropeIndia40 VIEWS campaign so as to promote discussions amongst the current Members of Parliament from India, UK, European Union and EuropeIndia40 leaders.


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Hon Virendra Sharma

Hon Virendra Sharma

Member of Parliament - UK

Mr Asif Iqbal

Mr Asif Iqbal

President - IETO

Sujit Nair

Sujit Nair

Chairman - Europe India Centre for Business and Industry

Cllr Aarien Areti

Cllr Aarien Areti

Councillor - London

Abhishek Tripathi

Abhishek Tripathi

Cofounder-Rydhm and Vice Chair at Europe India Centre for Business and Industry

Find agenda / post conference report of our previous summit at UK Parliament in London, European Parliament in Brussels and other locations HERE

2 PM - 2.05 PM

Welcome Address


2.05 PM - 2.10 PM

Welcome note


2.10 PM - 2.20 PM

Keynote address

Hon Virendra Sharma

Member of Parliament - UK

2.20 PM - 2.30 PM


2.30 PM - 3.10 PM

Session 1 - Education to be prioritized to accelerate progress for peace and sustainable development.

  • What strategies can be implemented to ensure equitable access to quality education for all, especially marginalized or underprivileged communities, to bridge societal gaps?

  • What measures should be taken to adequately train and support educators in delivering holistic education that nurtures peace-building skills and environmental consciousness?

  • How can partnerships between governments, businesses, and NGOs be leveraged to improve educational infrastructure, resources, and outreach programs for sustainable development?




  • TBC

3.10 PM - 3.50 PM

Session 2 - Tech and Innovation; Enabling Technology in the Academia Industry Partnerships for Global Reach

  • How can academia collaborate with industry partners to address data privacy and security concerns associated with the integration of tech in education, especially in cross-border collaborations?

  • What models and frameworks can foster stronger partnerships between academic institutions and tech industries to ensure that educational programs align with industry needs and advancements?

  • What initiatives can be implemented to promote continuous skill development through tech-based learning platforms, fostering a culture of lifelong learning on a global scale?





  • TBC

3.50 PM - 4.00 PM

Closing session and Networking


  • Proven strategies, authentic experiences, and fresh thinking that business leaders can learn from and implement with confidence. 

  • Join CEOs, CFOs, Exec. GMs, marketers, and Board members will receive an extensive briefing on strategies to pursue your business in India and the EU.  

  • Interaction with experts from education sector which helps in updating the knowledge at interactive sessions

  • Global networking: In transferring and exchanging Ideas 

  • Scope of enhancing marketing opportunities and collaborations 

  • Network with critical experts and explore new business opportunities

  • Sharing and learning of best practices and success stories

  • Sharing your points of view on growth enablers and get feedback for the same from other experts at the conference


'This event will bring considerable benefits to all the leaders who attend by increasing access to the connections to grow their business across continents.


  • Business leaders from micro, small and medium scale enterprises

  • Leaders from Education sector

  • Investors and Investment seekers

  • Banking and Financial Institution Representatives

  • Consultants seeking new engagements

  • Accountants who can help new companies

  • Solicitors/Lawyers who provide guidance

  • Senior Academicians and Thought Leaders

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