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Media Release: Celebrating International MSME Day 2024: EICBI's Decade Long Commitment to Fostering Business Connections in EU India and UK India corridor

The European India Centre for Business and Industry (EICBI), a European Commission registered Geopolitical forum, is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to promoting business opportunities between India, the UK, and the EU, proudly celebrates International Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSME) Day. For over a decade,  EICBI has been instrumental in raising awareness, providing support, hosting events, and facilitating business ventures that bolster the growth and success of MSMEs across continents.

On this MSME Day, EICBI has published a brief article " MSMEs in the UK, India & EU: A Quick Look" which provides an insightful overview of the significance of MSMEs in the UK, India, and the EU. It highlights the pivotal role MSMEs play in global economic development and their contributions towards achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It outlines the economic impact of MSMEs, their challenges, and the various government support programs available in each region. It also delves into the collaborative opportunities between MSMEs in the EU-India and UK-India corridors, emphasizing joint ventures, knowledge sharing, and supply chain integration. EICBI's primary objective is to inform EU and UK companies about the burgeoning business opportunities in India and to educate Indian companies about the market potential within the EU and UK. By bridging these informational gaps, EICBI has enabled countless businesses to explore and exploit new markets, leading to sustainable growth and enhanced economic ties.

With a steadfast commitment to supporting companies as they expand and thrive, EICBI offers comprehensive assistance, ensuring that businesses have the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate and succeed in new markets. This support has been crucial for MSMEs, which often face significant challenges when entering foreign markets.

For close to a decade and half, EICBI, along with its associate organizations, has organized 31 major business summits in Europe—26 summits at the British Parliament in London and 5 summits at the European Parliament in Brussels. These events have engaged over 3,400 delegates from 2,620 companies, providing a platform for British MPs, European MEPs, and Indian lawmakers to connect and discuss business expansion opportunities.

EICBI actively works with stakeholders in the EU and UK to facilitate business and investment from India. This collaboration has led to the participation of over 2,620 companies from Europe, India, and the UK in various business-promoting activities. Each year, EICBI nominates next-generation leaders who contribute significantly to their fields, thereby strengthening connections within the India-EU and India-UK corridors.

EICBI's extensive work over the years has significantly promoted trade and relations between India, the EU, and the UK. Through its summits and activities, EICBI has provided a first-hand understanding of the Indian markets for UK/EU companies and vice versa, fostering a mutually beneficial exchange of opportunities and knowledge.

On this International MSME Day, EICBI reaffirms its commitment to empowering MSMEs and enhancing global business connections. By continuing to provide critical support and platforms for engagement, EICBI aims to drive the success and growth of small enterprises, contributing to societal progress and economic development.

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Europe India Centre for Business and Industry (EICBI) Promoting Business Opportunities Between India, the UK, and the EU



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