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Sujit S Nair has been playing a major role in promoting business activity between India and Europe, particularly UK over the last few years in his capacity as the Co founder/ Chief Co Ordinator of British South India Council of Commerce, an independent trade body which has organised 16 business summits at the UK parliament and has engaged more than 2350 delegates from around thousand companies during the course of these summits. He was an invitee of US Department of State for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2015, which was held at United Nations Office, Nairobi and was co hosted by US President Mr.Barack Obama and Kenyan President Mr.Uhuru Kenyahatta. He has been recognised worldwide as one of the Top 99 most influential foreign policy leaders under 33 for the year 2013 by Washington DC based Young professionals in Foreign Policy and Diplomatic Courier, a Global Affairs Magazine.
The main reason which led to the formation of Europe India Centre for Business and Industry was when Sujit came across the painstaking statistical work of the Cambridge historian Angus Maddison. who shows that India's share of world income during 1700s was around 22.6%, which was almost equal to Europe's share of 23.3% at that time, Today, India's share of Global GDP is around 3 % whereas continent Europe's share is around 30% and therefore he believes that there is a huge potential to tap into opportunities between the two regions.  The population of Europe is 750 million whereas the population of India is 1.2 billion and therefore, the intent of Europe India Centre for Business and Industry ( EICBI ) is to tap the potential of 2 billion people.
Through EICBI, Sujit is passionately looking forward to promotes economic relations between Europe and India by organizing delegation visits to India and Europe; engaging businessmen from Europe and India through conferences and seminars; introductions and organizing presentations for companies in India and Europe; assistance in establishing international partnerships with leading technology parks, business incubators, venture capitalists, innovative businesses and their international associations and the joint projects implementation; Practical help for participation in international programs supporting entrepreneurship, innovative SMEs and technology transfer; consultation and assistance for SMEs in international programs participation in the field of innovative entrepreneurship; finding potential partners abroad for co-operation in trade and development in Europe and India; 0rganising exhibitions in Europe and India for benefits of businesses and organising road shows to promote businesses.
Sujit is looking at the future with lot of optimism and look forward to working closely with businesses and industry so as to assist them in tapping massive opportunities in Europe and India. 
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