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The EuropeIndia40 leaders list stands as the leading and most authoritative compilation of young leaders in the UK-India/EU-India corridor. The first listing of leaders was released in 2019, and since then, we have continued to unveil a new list each year.

2023 class of #EuropeIndia40 Leaders

The 11 men and 9 women who made it to the 2023 class of EuropeIndia40 leaders' list come from all walks of life and represent 13 different nations

The list is typically unveiled through virtual announcements, often featuring leaders from the Indian Parliament, UK Parliament, and European Parliament. Subsequently, the EuropeIndia40 leaders receive their certificates during the EuropeIndia40 certification ceremony held at the European Parliament in Brussels.

The list was first unveiled in a virtual ceremony held on December 13, 2022. Subsequently, at the EU India Leaders Conference 2024 held on March 6, 2024, hosted at the European Parliament in Brussels, few of the EuropeIndia40 leaders received their certificates during this significant event. Mr. Dacian Ciolos, MEP from Romania and former Prime Minister of Romania, as well as ex-EU Commissioner of Agriculture and Rural Development and Mr. Lars Berg, a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) from Germany presented the certificates to the leaders.

The virtual ceremony announcing the 2023 Class of leaders saw participation from distinguished Members of the European Parliament, Indian Parliament, and UK Parliament. Mr. Morten LØKKEGAARD, Member of the European Parliament and Chairman of the Delegation for relations with India - European Parliament, Ms. Valerie Vaz, a senior Member of Parliament from the UK, and Mr. Lavu Sri Krishna Devarayal MP from the Indian Parliament took part in this significant event. Mr. Sujit S. Nair, the Chairperson of EICBI, extended a warm welcome to the leaders joining the 2023 Class. The recording of the virtual session can be viewed here -

Mr. Morten Lokkegaard MEP

Mr. Morten Lokkegaard MEP

Member of the European Parliament/ Chairman of the Delegation for relations with India - European Parliament spoke on EU India relations

Ms. Valerie Vaz MP

Ms. Valerie Vaz MP

Member of Parliament from the UK spoke on UK India relations

Mr. Lavu Devarayal MP

Mr. Lavu Devarayal MP

Member of Parliament from the India spoke on India relations with UK and EU

Mr Sujit S Nair

Mr Sujit S Nair

Chairperson - Europe India Centre for Business and Industry extended a warm welcome to the leaders joining the 2023 Class

The 2023 EuropeIndia40 cohort includes individuals from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Latvia, Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

The 2019 class of EuropeIndia40 leaders was formally presented at the European Parliament in Brussels on April 10th, 2019. You can access the 2019 class here: introduction of the 2020 class of EuropeIndia40 leaders took place virtually on November 27th, 2020, with participation from esteemed leaders of the UK Parliament, EU Parliament, and the Indian Parliament. The 2020 class can be viewed here: Similarly, the unveiling of the 2021 class of EuropeIndia40 leaders occurred virtually on November 5th, 2020, with the distinguished participation of leaders from the UK Parliament, EU Parliament, and the Indian Parliament. The 2021 class is accessible here: It's noteworthy that the 2020 and 2021 classes of leaders received their certificates at the European Parliament during the Europe India Leaders Conference held on June 28th, 2022. The announcement of the 2022 EuropeIndia40 Leaders list initially took place during a virtual ceremony on December 9th. During this event, we had the privilege of Ambassador of the European Union to India, HE Ugo Astuto, nominating Ms. Renita Bhaskar - Minister Counsellor (Head of Trade and Economic Affairs) - Delegation of the European Union to India. Additionally, Ms. Ovessa Iqbal, First Secretary (Political, Extradition, High Commission of India, London), engaged with the EuropeIndia40 leaders. Subsequently, the leaders received their certificates at the European Parliament in Brussels during the EU India Leaders Conference 2023. The 2022 Class can be viewed here -

Presenting the 2023 class of EuropeIndia40 Leaders. 

Anoorupa Bose - ESTONIA


Creative Director - Optimist Group OU

Anoorupa took on the role of Creative Director at Optimist Creative Estonia, where she played a pivotal role in safeguarding children from predators. She achieved this by spearheading an advertising campaign that ultimately led to an increase in the legal age of sexual consent in Estonia, which was initially set at just 14 years old. Her remarkable campaign earned the prestigious Cannes Lion, one of the world's most esteemed advertising awards, marking the first time this accolade was bestowed upon the Republic of Estonia. This international recognition propelled her Estonian agency to become the most globally acclaimed agency in the country. Following this success, Anoorupa joined forces with her Estonian counterparts to launch Optimist Creative India, an innovative venture that seamlessly integrates Indian and European creative, advertising, design, and strategy teams. This pioneering model aims to assist European companies in entering the Indian market and facilitate Indian companies in their endeavors to access the European market.

Amiel guerin - FRANCE

Chef Amiel 3 (1)_edited.jpg

Executive Chef & founder - Comptoirs du Bonheur Restaurants Pvt Ltd

Amiel is at the helm of Amiel Gourmet, a Bangalore-based culinary venture with a core mission centred on celebrating the richness of French and European cuisine. Their approach involves the skillful integration of locally sourced ingredients, harmoniously blending them with a delightful Indian twist applied to classic European recipes. Through their meticulously crafted menus, thoughtful ingredient selections, artful plating, and impeccable service, they encapsulate the very essence of the French and European "Art de vivre." Their broader vision is to bring people from diverse backgrounds together through the culinary experiences they curate. Amiel Gourmet's dedication extends to the mentorship and empowerment of young, talented Indian chefs. They provide these aspiring chefs with comprehensive training in European culinary techniques and a deep appreciation for European flavours. Their culinary expertise is highly esteemed, evident in their proud service to the European Consulates in Bangalore, where they contribute to the mutual celebration of European culture.

Artus Balarama Galiay - FRANCE

Artus Balarama Galiay EuropeIndia40 EICBI

Director UK/Ireland/India - Nord France Invest

Artus serves as the Director responsible for the United Kingdom/Ireland and India at Nord France Invest, the investment promotion agency representing the Hauts-de-France region. In this capacity, his primary objective is to fortify economic and business connections between the Hauts-de-France region and the UK/Ireland and India. To achieve this, he and his team actively promote their region as an ideal destination for business activities, showcasing investment prospects and export opportunities to British, Irish, and Indian companies. Their efforts encompass a wide array of initiatives, including seminars, webinars, business trips, on-site visits, delegation engagements, and comprehensive communication and web marketing campaigns. All of these endeavours are carried out in close collaboration and partnership with trusted and proficient local associates. For instance, they organized the inaugural France-India Business Summit in Lille, the regional capital, on June 13th, in collaboration with the Indian Business Club France. This event brought together more than 100 attendees from both India and France, facilitating visits to a Gigafactory and fostering discussions on mutual business prospects.

Bernd Andersson - AUSTRIA

Andersson Bernd  EICBI EuropeIndia40

Deputy Head - ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA / Deputy Austrian Trade Commissioner - India

Bernd Andersson holds the position of Austrian Deputy Trade Commissioner for India, boasting a background steeped in international trade policy. Alongside the ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA team, he plays a pivotal role in advancing bilateral trade and investments. This involves providing valuable support and forging connections between Austrian and Indian businesses, entrepreneurs, and various stakeholders. An area of particular emphasis has been the integration of India's expansive startup ecosystems with their counterparts in Austria and across Europe.

In addition to his professional endeavors, Mr. Andersson has dedicated his time to voluntary work with the international NGO AFS – Intercultural Programs. Within this role, he oversaw the implementation of intercultural learning programs, including facilitating student exchanges between Europe and India.

Gaurav Sharma - POLAND

Gaurav sharma EuropeIndia40 EICBI

Deputy Head, Private Projects and Europe - European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC)

In his current capacity, Gaurav plays a pivotal role in establishing and fortifying connections with pertinent businesses, Business Support Organizations, and public stakeholders within the Europe-India Business Corridor. He also takes charge of conceiving and overseeing multi-stakeholder projects, with a particular emphasis on sustainability, transportation, and IT. Gaurav additionally manages the implementation of various EU-funded initiatives, including the India IP SME Helpdesk and the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) in India. Previously, he served with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in New Delhi, where his responsibilities encompassed driving bilateral business cooperation across key focus areas.

Gaurav Daga - INDIA

EuropeIndia40 Gaurav Daga EICBI

Associate Vice President - Guidance, Industries Department, Government of Tamil Nadu

Gaurav Daga is a highly accomplished Associate Vice President within the Industries Department of the Government of Tamil Nadu. His extensive background, which includes work and study experiences in Europe, notably in the UK. Gaurav has been instrumental in driving focused efforts, both as part of the Guidance team and independently, aimed at strengthening economic and trade collaborations between Tamil Nadu and various European nations. Notably, he has played a key role in fostering partnerships with countries such as Switzerland, France, Germany, and Austria. In addition to his significant contributions in this capacity, Gaurav has showcased his thought leadership through numerous insightful articles. These articles delve into the potential of the Europe-India relationship, shedding light on the challenges that both regions must address for their mutual growth and prosperity.

Kira Huju - FINLAND

Kira Huju EICBI EuropeIndia40

Fellow in International Relations, PhD in International Relations (Oxon) - London School of Economics and Political Science

Kira Huju currently serves as a Fellow in International Relations at the LSE. She has authored the book "Cosmopolitan Elites: Indian Diplomats and the Social Hierarchies of Global Order," published by Oxford University Press in 2023. Her book delves into the social status and perspectives of the Indian diplomatic elite. Kira holds a PhD in International Relations from Oxford University and is a member of the FCDO-affiliated India and South Asia Analysts Network. She has affiliations with Carnegie India and the School of International Studies, JNU. Notably, her research on Hindu nationalism within Indian diplomacy has garnered attention and citations in renowned publications such as The Economist, Foreign Policy, the Wire, Scroll, and Caravan. Dr. Huju's research endeavours are centred on challenging Western-centric narratives concerning the rise of India. She aims to gain insights into India's approach to the global order, exploring it on its own unique terms.

Lucinda Elizabeth Doyle - IRELAND

Lucinda Elizabeth Doyle EICBI EuropeIndia40

Assistant Professor - Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Lucinda Elizabeth Doyle has held the position of Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi since 2019. As a European professional living and working in India, she is deeply dedicated to advancing academic collaborations between India and the international community, with a special focus on the EU and UK. Lucinda, along with her diligent team of research students at IIT Delhi, has showcased their research in the field of electromicrobiology at multiple European forums, including events in Ireland and Denmark.

Ludovic Dalleau- FRANCE

Ludovic DALLEAU eicbi EuropeIndia40

Founder/ President - Indian Business Club

Over the past decade, Ludovic has actively engaged in fostering relations between India, France, and Réunion Island. In 2020, he co-founded the Indian Business Club (IBC) in Paris alongside two other dedicated teammates. Their vision was to establish an organization in France that could directly contribute to the growth of the French Indian business corridor, both on economic and diplomatic fronts. Over the course of the past three years, the team, comprising more than 10 members, successfully initiated webinars, facilitated high-level discussions involving diplomats, politicians, and top executives from major French and Indian companies. They also actively promoted Indian states within the French regions through the Indian Business Forum in partnership with local economic agencies and chambers. In addition to IBC, Ludovic founded Bloom India Strategy, a French Indian business & strategy consulting company, with the aim to put its +15 years in entrepreneurship, finance and project management at the service of the French companies that wish to develop and maximize their businesses in India and vice-versa. 

Mads Schlosser - DENMARK

Mads Denmark EICBI EuropeIndia40 leader.jpg

Director - Indian Danish Chamber of Commerce (IDCC)

In his capacity as Director of the Indian Danish Chamber of Commerce, Mads has for several years created platforms for promoting India-Denmark relations and for knowledge-sharing. He currently oversees six knowledge-sharing networks where Danish and Indian businesses and individuals engage in productive discussions and exchange best practices pertaining to various aspects of Indo-Danish commercial relations. Furthermore, he has had the privilege of hosting high-level seminars and conferences in Denmark on multiple occasions, featuring the active participation of government ministers. These events build on and enhance the strong bilateral momentum and showcase the strong commitment from both countries in fostering collaboration for the green transition in both countries. Additionally, he led the creation of a comprehensive catalogue, featuring introductory remarks from the Danish and Indian foreign ministers  This catalogue serves as a showcase for sustainable solutions originating from both Denmark and India, firmly grounded within the overarching framework of the India-Denmark Green Strategic Partnership. Lastly, he has effectively managed the allocation of DKK1 million in donations to India during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, channeling this assistance in the form of oxygen concentrators shipped to India.

Manisha Reuter - GERMANY

Manisha Reuter eicbi EuropeIndia40

Deputy Director, Asia Programme - European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR)

Manisha Reuter, hailing from a bi-national household in Berlin, has had the privilege of spending substantial periods of her life in both Germany and India. In her present professional capacity, she takes the helm in steering projects that foster collaboration between the EU and India. Notably, she spearheads initiatives like the Maritime Security Dialogue and serves as a trusted advisor to European governments and industry stakeholders, providing valuable insights into the ever-evolving geopolitical landscape of the Indo-Pacific region. Manisha is an avid writer and has an extensive body of work to her name, with publications covering diverse topics such as EU-India relations, India-China relations, and the broader subject of maritime security in the Indian Ocean. Her objective is to contribute to a deeper comprehension of Indian foreign policy and regional affairs, particularly within Germany and Europe.

Pallavi Kalita - INDIA

Pallavi Kalita eicbi eUROPEINDIA40

Business for Nature - Advocacy and Asia Lead

Pallavi currently holds the role of Advocacy and Asia Lead at Business for Nature, where her responsibilities encompass spearheading advocacy initiatives across Asia. Her primary mission is to galvanize businesses to take impactful action in preserving and promoting nature. Prior to this, Pallavi served as a Trade Policy Analyst at the Delegation of the European Union to India. In this capacity, her focus was on conducting research and advocacy related to international trade policies, with the overarching goal of advancing the economic and commercial interests of the European Union in India. Additionally, she lent her expertise as a Trade Policy Advisor to the British High Commission in New Delhi, where her role entailed providing analytical insights and policy guidance to support the UK Government's trade-related objectives in India.

Patrizia Cogo Morales - SPAIN

0.1 photo (1).png

Project Officer – CSDS, Brussels School of Governance – VUB

Patrizia Cogo Morales is Project Officer at the Centre for Security, Diplomacy and Strategy (CSDS) of the Brussels School of Governance (BSoG-VUB). She also works as a Project Manager and Research Assistant at the Elcano Royal Institute’s Office in Brussels. Patrizia holds a double bachelors in Law and Global Governance from Esade, and a Master in International Relations from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, with exchange programs in Jerusalem and New Delhi. She was also Lead Co-Founder and President of the European Guanxi network. Her expertise includes EU-India relations, Sino-Indian relations, and EU-China relations. She has contributed to South China Morning Post, The Diplomat, and China Observers in Central and Eastern Europe, inter alia. She is currently working on a project centered on compiling an oral archive of analysis on Indian foreign policy, with an emphasis on EU-India relations.

Radhika Singh - BELGIUM

Radhika Singh EuropeIndia40 EICBI

Founder - Indikon

Radhika is the visionary behind Indikon, a textile studio specializing in the creation of handcrafted textile accessories for personal and home use. Indikon's textiles are meticulously crafted in India, employing traditional Indian craftsmanship, while their design concepts draw inspiration from Greece and are developed in Europe. Radhika's mission extends beyond the creation of these exquisite textiles; she endeavors to foster a deeper understanding of craft, culture, and people, with the ultimate goal of bridging cultural divides between Europe and India. Additionally, she collaborates with European-based designers to ensure the ethical and sustainable production of textiles in India, collaborating closely with established artisan communities.

Raj Venkat - GERMANY

Raj venkat EICBI EuropeIndia40

President - German Varsity for Advanced Studies

Raj Venkat has devised a privately funded high-intensity training module for equipping Indian students with advanced German engineering skills in Robotics and Aerospace. His programs, involving training at German enterprises, have laid the foundations for upskilling Indian students in cutting-edge German technologies and opened up a bright future for India’s talented and hard-working youth. One of the main complaints of foreign and Indian companies is finding skilled engineers with hands-on expertise in India. Venkat’s programs have equipped them to aspire for high-tech jobs in Indian and German enterprises like Mercedes, Bosch, Audi etc

Shruti Chandra - INDIA

Shruti Chandra EuropeIndia40 EICBI

Vice President - Invest India

Shruti Chandra serves as the Vice President at Invest India, the national investment promotion agency of the Government of India. In her current role, she leads the UK and Canada country desks and oversees the Retail and Banking and Financial Sector teams. Her responsibilities encompass formulating and executing investment strategies, providing facilitation and support to investors from various countries, and representing Invest India in the Joint Working Group with the UK on Fintech. Shruti has been instrumental in supporting investment dialogues between India and the UK, particularly in the context of the proposed Free Trade Agreement (FTA). She has a remarkable track record of attracting investments from various European countries and has effectively facilitated the entry of European and UK Fintech, Retail, and Digital services companies into the Indian market, working closely with federal ministries and state governments. Her outstanding leadership in enhancing the ease of doing business for European firms in the retail and e-commerce sectors in India has been recognized by the European Business Group.

Subhodeep Jash- UK/ INDIA

Subhodeep Jash EICBI EuropeIndia40

Associate Director - UK India Business Council

Subhodeep is an Associate Director at the UK India Business Council (UKIBC), where he leads advocacy efforts related to digital and data services. In his role at UKIBC, he is responsible for managing relationships with member companies operating in the UK-India corridor, with a focus on their digital economy initiatives covering areas like artificial intelligence, data protection, and platform regulations. Subhodeep brings over a decade of experience in overseeing policy programs and driving strategic engagements spanning the technology and trade sectors. His professional journey encompasses diverse roles, ranging from involvement in trade policy negotiations with the Ministry of Commerce in New Delhi to the management of regulatory and public affairs strategies for global multinational corporations during his tenure at FTI Consulting. He has provided advisory services to numerous leading Fortune 500 companies operating in the digital, retail, and automotive sectors. Additionally, Subhodeep has authored opinion pieces on various technology policy matters, which have been featured in prominent media outlets including Slate, The Economic Times, and Financial Express.

Swasti Rao - INDIA

Dr. Swasti Rao EICBI EuropeIndia40

Associate Fellow, Europe and Eurasia Centre - Manohar Parrikar Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses

Swasti has undertaken significant projects in collaboration with India's Ministry for External Affairs and Ministry of Defence, with a strong focus on European geopolitics and geo-economics. Her areas of expertise encompass securitization in Europe, the Migrant Crisis, defense cooperation between India and European stakeholders, EU-India trade relations, as well as exploring the dynamics of Europe-China and Europe-Japan relations. Swasti's work has received widespread recognition and has been published extensively. Her notable participation includes representing India at the EU Security Dialogue, specifically at the Schuman Forum held at the European Parliament in Brussels in March 2023. Her ongoing research project at the Manohar Parrikar Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses revolves around the theme of "Conflicts in Europe amidst shifting Power Structures and Europe's Indo-Pacific outreach."

Valters Negribs - LATVIA

Valters Negribs EICBI EuropeIndia40

Post-doctoral researcher - Groupe de recherches en études indiennes (Paris)

Valters Negribs is a scholar with expertise in the textual analysis of ascetic and yogic traditions from Ancient India. He conducts research on texts from Hindu, Buddhist, and Jaina traditions, primarily working with Sanskrit, Pali, and Prakrit languages. After completing his doctoral studies at the University of Oxford, he became a member of the Groupe de recherches en études indiennes in Paris, where he holds a fellowship supported by the Leverhulme Trust. Additionally, Valters has a keen interest in exploring the linguistic parallels between Sanskrit and Latvian, his native language.

Varun Mali- UK/ INDIA

Varun Mali eicbi EuropeIndia40

Dy Head of Mission & Head of Trade & Investment (AP & TS) - British High Commission (UK Government)

Varun is a Pharmaceutical Scientist and registered Pharmacist who currently serves in a Diplomatic capacity. In his current role as the Deputy Head of the British High Commission Hyderabad and Head of Trade and Investment for the UK Government, Varun focuses on assisting Indian companies in formulating strategies and expanding their businesses in the UK. He leads efforts in Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) and supports business development for British companies in India, with a particular emphasis on sectors like Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Med Tech, Healthcare, Digital Health, AI, EV, and Technology. He has been recognized with awards from the UK Government for his contributions to creativity, innovation, and crisis management during the COVID-19 pandemic. His exceptional work has earned him testimonials from Buckingham Palace, The Lord Mayor of the City of London, and 10 Downing Street. Varun has also played a pivotal role in supporting startups in both India and the UK, assisting them in raising funds and participating in various incubation programs. His extensive experience includes hosting and participating in over 100 events across India, such as workshops, trade missions, and VVIP visits.

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