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We offer programmes which are meant to promote closer trade and relations between the European Union and India and between the UK and India. You can find the current set of programmes below. We will be adding programmes on regular basis. Please do get in touch with us at for further information on existing programmes or if you want to explore ideas on featuring a programme here

1. Future Leaders Awards program 

EICBI’s Europe India Future Leaders Awards program is a paid program that aims to support leaders below the age of 40 who have the potential to leverage their skill set to develop into leaders who can pursue business activities in the EU – India or UK - India corridor but currently DO NOT have a significant presence in the UK - India corridor or EU - India Corridor. Click here for more information

2. EuropeIndia40 leaders list

EuropeIndia40 list, an initiative of Europe India Centre for Business & Industry and supported by Sivaleen Foundation for Developed India, covers the story of 40 young leaders below the age of 40 every year and their contributions in promoting EU India relations and UK India relations. The relationship between UK and India as well as the EU and India have been improving at a great pace over the past few years as the current generations of leaders in these regions have recognised the huge number of opportunities in the UK India corridor and Eu India corridor. It will require the next generation of leaders in the EU India corridor and UK India corridor to take forward the work done by the current generations of leaders and the EuropeIndia40 leader's list helps young leaders to showcase their work to a wider audience

Please find the listing of the 2019 class, 2020 class, 2021 Class & 2022 Class of leaders here

3. Summits

Europe India Centre of Business and Industry, which is managed by Sivaleen Foundation for Developed India, organises a number of summits so as to provide a first-hand understanding of the Indian markets and business opportunities in India for the UK/ EU companies whereas the visiting delegations from India have been able to understand the market in the UK/ EU and the opportunities available in these regions. The list of summits held till date can be viewed here

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