We offer programmes which are meant to promote closer trade and relations between Europe and India,. These programs are delivered by our delivery partners. You can find the currrent set of programmes below. We will be adding programmes on regular basis. Please do get in touch with us at hello@bsicc.co.uk for furhter information on existing programmes or if you want to explore ideas on featuring a programme here

1. Europe India Learning programme 

Learning programme is an international study tour programme for Indian educational institutions, who want to provide an international experience for their students. It is expected to be a 7 day on ground programme in UK and is designed to provide students with an understanding of the best business practices that are followed in British/ European companies, so as to prepare them for their professional life in a globally connected world and help them gain an edge over the competition. Click here for more information

2. Europe India Expansion programme

Expansion programme is a programme which is designed to help companies to expand into UK/ Europe and Indian markets. It includes a set of modules which helps you to set up and run a company in UK/ Europe and India– from bricks and mortar to people and processes.  It offers cost effective market entry & business solutions for international companies seeking to access India market and UK/ Europe market. Click here for more information

3. Europe India Knowledge sharing programme

Knowledge sharing programme is a 7 day on ground programme in UK designed for Indian Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) so as to provide them an understanding of the best business practices that are followed in British companies. Click here for more information

4. Europe India Leadership programme for educators

Leadership programme for educators is a 6 day on ground programme in UK which aims to bring together senior staff and lecturers from Indian institutions and support the development and embedding of new entrepreneurial pedagogy across a set of curriculum.  Universities of all shapes and sizes increasingly need to innovate, to engage locally, regionally, nationally and internationally and to develop their capacity to respond to the current environment. Click here for more information













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