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EICBI’s Europe India Future Leaders Awards program is a paid program that aims to support leaders below the age of 39 who have the potential to leverage their skill set to develop into leaders who can pursue activities to promote trade and relations in the EU – India or UK - India corridor but currently DO NOT have significant activities in the UK - India corridor or EU - India Corridor.

The mission of the program


The mission of the Europe India Future leaders Award program is to give leaders the necessary resources and support to tap opportunities in the EU - India - UK corridor and to prepare the leaders to become part of Europe India Centre for Business & Industry’s future classes of #EuropeIndia40 leaders list. #EuropeIndia40 is the annual listing of Top under 40 leaders who will shape the future of EU – India/ UK – India relations. Please find the listing of 2019 class, 2020 and 2021 class leaders here


What is included as part of the program

  • A special “Future Young Leader Award Program” e - certificate.

  • Priority access to EICBI business meets/ events/ partner events for a year.

  • Access to training programs/ activities so as to provide the theoretical knowledge to do business in India - UK - EU corridor.

  • Access to the delegate list ( Delegate Name, Designation, Organisation) of EICBI's previous 24 summits.

  • Placement of leader's company logo and link on the “Strategic Partners” page of EICBI website.

  • Opportunities to promote leader's organisation in EICBI E-Newsletter.

  • Offers from EICBI's partner organisations to participate in related events and activities. 

  • Broadcast leader's company announcement and news through EICBI's social media channels.

  • An opportunity to participate in high-level discussions in future so as to set the trajectory for strengthening EU-India/ UK India relations within the leader's field of expertise.

  • Personalised social media campaign to recognise the person's potential as the future leader.

  • Mentioned as a subject matter expert in EICBI website so that clients/ companies who might be looking for a particular expertise can avail services for their business challenges.

  • Future leaders will be invited to present their thoughts and ideas during EICBI future activities and white paper.

  • 1-month virtual shadowing with EICBI, whereby the leader will get to work alongside EICBI governing council on initiatives to promote business in EU - India - UK corridor. The applicant can continue their normal work and the shadowing can be pursued remotely.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be below the age of 39 at the time of the application

  • Basic working knowledge of English

  • Should demonstrate an interest in pursuing activities that are going to play a role in the EU - India. India - UK corridor

Selection process

  • All applications will be reviewed by the EICBI governing council

  • The selection process looks at the previous initiatives of the applicant and their future business interest in EU - India or UK - India corridor

Application and Scholarship

  • There is an application fee and a fellowship fee. 

  • Following the payment of the application fee, the fellowship application form will be shared with the applicant. 

  • Applicants will be given a week's time to submit the fellowship application form.

  • After submission of the fellowship application form, it will be examined by the EICBI governing council.

  • In case of selection to EICBI’s Europe India Future Leaders Awards program, the applicant will be intimated by email and the applicant will have a week's time to pay the fee to be part of the Europe India Future Leaders Awards program.

  • Fees are as follows

  1. Europe India Future Leaders Program Application fee - Rs 1500

  2. Europe India Future Leaders Awards program fee - Rs 2,00,000 

  3. Program fee is an annual fee and is inclusive of all taxes. All fees are non-refundable. 

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