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EU and India Leaders to Convene at European Parliament in Brussels for Key EU India Conference


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Europe India Centre for Business and Industry to host a Key Conference, where representatives from trade bodies, business, and civil society will gather for discussions on trade, investment, and diplomacy

Brussels, Belgium: - With India relaunching negotiation with European Union after a brief hiatus, the Europe India Centre for Business and Industry (EICBI) is proud to announce that it will be organizing a highly anticipated EU India Leaders Conference 2023 at the European Parliament and AWEX in Brussels on July 5th, 2023. The conference will bring together key stakeholders from India and the European Union to discuss important topics related to trade, investment, and diplomacy. More details can be viewed here -

This will be the fourth edition of the EU India Leaders Conference, and it promises to be the most significant one yet. EICBI has successfully organized three previous conferences at the European Parliament that have brought together influential leaders from India and the EU to discuss important issues related to trade, investment, and diplomacy. The upcoming conference will build on the successes of previous editions and provide attendees with new insights and opportunities for collaboration.

The EU India Leaders Conference aims to strengthen the partnership between the EU and India by facilitating discussions and sharing of ideas between the leaders of the two regions. Attendees will include Members of European Parliament, business leaders, academics, and civil society representatives, among others.

The conference will cover a range of topics, including trade policy, investment opportunities, business challenges, cultural exchange amongst others. These sessions will provide attendees with valuable insights into the current state of EU-India relations and the opportunities for future growth and collaboration.

The conference will take place at the European Parliament, which will provide attendees with a unique opportunity to engage with key decision-makers and experts in an intimate setting. It will also provide a platform for attendees to network and explore potential partnerships.

EICBI is committed to fostering sustainable development and growth in both the EU and India, and the EU India Leaders Conference is a testament to this commitment. The conference promises to be a productive event that will help strengthen the relationship between the EU and India.

"Closer trade relations between India and the European Union are essential for fostering economic growth and sustainable development in both regions” said EICBI Chairman, Sujit S Nair. “Our EU India Leaders Conference aims to create an environment for policymakers, business leaders, and academics to come together and explore new opportunities for collaboration. By bringing together key stakeholders from both regions, we can work towards building a stronger and more prosperous partnership between India and the EU."

For more information about the EU India Leaders Conference, please visit the EICBI website or contact us directly.


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