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UK Tamil Nadu & Puducherry Business Meet 2014 at UK Parliament, London

On 8th May, 2014 , this summit was organised so as to promote business UK and Tamil Nadu/ Puducherry  

The Meet

UK Tamil Nadu & Puducherry Business Meet 2014 was held on 8th May 2014 at Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London. This business meet was chaired by Mr Virendra Sharma MP ( Southall, UK). The audience included representatives from Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Members of House of Lords & House of Commons, representatives from other Indian states/ other countries and businessmen from India who are successful in UK. One of the notable attendees for the business meet was Mr.Bharat Joshi, British Deputy High Commissioner in Chennai, who was also the Chief Guest of the day. The event attracted around 140 delegates was hailed as a huge success by various dignitaries who attended the meet

Programme Summary

British MP Mr.Virendra Sharma MP welcomed the delegates attending the business meet. Sujit S Nair, FRSA. played the role of anchor during the business meet.

Mr.Jacob Ravibalan, Vice Chair - Tamil Nadu started of the proceedings by mentioning more about the business meet and the motivations for holding the same. Mr.Bharat Joshi, British Deputy High Commissioner based in Chennai, spoke about the historical relationship between UK & Tamil Nadu. Following this, Mr. Hasmukh Vora, President of Hindustan Chamber of Commerce, based out of Chennai, offered his perspective of pursuing business activities in Tamil Nadu & Puducherry. Mr. Christie Cherian, who is the Chairman and Trustee of British Business Group, Chennai, spoke about how good an investment destination is Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. Dr. R. Seetharaman who is the Group Chief Executive Officer of Doha Bank in Qatar mentioned about some of the Opportunities for UK residents and Global Tamilians in the Gulf. Mr.David Happy, who was till recently the Vice President EU Affairs for Samsung Electronics, spoke about India UK collaborations and how the UK is a hugely effective springboard into the rest of the EU-27 for Indian companies and twice as big as the USA and a wealthy region. Mr. Velou Singara of UKTNCC spoke about various business opportunities in Puducherry for UK companies. Mrs Kamala Sekar who was till recently the Head of Export Finance at UKTI spoke about the channels of support from UK public sector. The business meet was a huge success as we were able to showcase the opportunities in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and United Kingdom to about 140 delegates so as to encourage them to pursue opportunities between these regions.

Photos of the event can be viewed here -



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