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UK Business into Renewed India 2015 at UK Parliament, London

On 17th March 2015 , this summit was organised to generate traction with UK M/SMEs to come to renewed Indian economy with new Government initiatives

The Meet

In association with Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI) , The Madras Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI) & Cochin Chamber Of Commerce And Industry (CCCI), we organised a business meet " UK Business into Renewed India" at British Parliament, London on Tuesday, 17th March so as to generate traction with UK M/SMEs to come to renewed Indian economy with new Government initiatives. The focus of the meet was on Trade / Auto & Advanced Engg / Renewables/Healthcare & Innovation. The meet was chaired by Mr Virendra Sharma MP and a total of 18 speakers shared their expertise during the 3 hour meet which had about 160 delegates who had registered to attend the meet

Programme Summary

Mr.Virendra Sharma MP welcomed the delegates attending the business meet. Sujit S Nair., FRSA. Director managed the running of the business meet.

Following this, Mr.Christie Cherian, Chairman British Business Group Chennai, spoke about how new Indian government has opened up opportunities for UK Business. The next talk was by Mr.Bharat Joshi, British Deputy High Commissioner, Chennai who spoke about why South India is great for British Business. Following this, Mr. S G Prabhakaran President, The Madras Chamber of Commerce & Industry spoke about the British origins of MCCI into 179th year & continuing UK business relations and also about the steps taken by the new Govt to ushers vigour into Indian economy with bold budget. The next speaker, Mr.Jim James of UK Trade and Investment who spoke about how British Business Groups are useful forum for British Business and work well with UKTI. Following the talk, Mr.Guy Wakeley ,CEO of Equiniti UK, shared his experience of doing business in India since 2004. Next, Mr. V.J.Mathew from Cochin Chamber of Commerce, who is also a noted lawyer spoke about Cochin Chamber's legacy of British Business since 1857.

Following this, Mr.Ravi.Kumar, Co-Chairman, BBG Chennai spoke about Start ups & Angel funding in India. Next Mr. Mike Nithavrianakis, who is the former British Deputy High Commissioner, Chennai spoke about Opportunities for Indo-UK business partnerships in Healthcare. The next speakers was Mr. Chris Wiseman, CEO of TWI UK Ltd who spoke about Equipment & Materials in UK & India and some of the latest advanced engineering products which is currently being manufactured by UK manufacturers . The next speaker was Simon Poole, Director of Pro2 Automotive Engineering Limited who spoke about Auto engg services and his experience of setting up his UK company’s subsidiary in India. Next Mr. Balajee Rangarajan, Director of Sun Edison spoke about the opportunities in renewable energy sector in India in his talk titled "Mainstreaming renewable in India- opportunities". The next two speakers spoke how Britain is still staying big of inventiveness. The first speaker who spoke on his topic was Prof Richard Scott, Visiting Professor City University London and he was followed by Mr. Mayank Prakash, Director-General, Dept of Works & Pensions-IT Services, UK. The next speaker was Mr.Rajiv Nvegi from Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry who spoke about business opportunities in Goa in his talk titled "Promoting Goa business, not just beaches". In order to maximise the networking opportunities for the delegates attending the business meet, each of the delegate was given an opportunity to introduce themselves so as to explore business opportunities during the networking session and post the meet.

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