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Press Release : EICBI completes redesign, rebrand with the launch of the new website

New Delhi/ London/ Brussels Dec 27, 2021

Europe India Centre for Business & Industry (EICBI) has unveiled its new brand identity, logo and web design. Europe India Centre for Business and Industry (managed by Sivaleen Foundation for Developed India - A Section 8 Non-Governmental Organisation, Section 80 G, Section 12 A and ISO Certified Not-for-Profit entity) is an independent organisation that promotes business opportunities across various sectors in Europe and India. EICBI hosts projects and international forums to promote specific business and geopolitical initiatives in the UK India corridor and EU India corridor.

Commenting on EICBI’s rebranding, Chairperson Sujit Nair said:

Post-Brexit, EICBI has been carrying our separate engagements with stakeholders in the UK India corridor and EU India corridor. India and the European Union are strategic partners with strong trade ties, whereas solid ties of history and culture bind India and the UK. The rebrand and launch of the new website represent our efforts to showcase better our engagements with various stakeholders in the EU India corridor and UK India corridor.

The new colours in the logo represent as follows: Philippine Red, Saint Andrew on the blue field means the United Kingdom; deep saffron and the dark green represents India and Reflex blue, and the yellow star represents European Union. The arrangement of the colour elements symbolises the India UK relationship and India EU relationship.

The new branding of EICBI represents the consolidation of its activities over the past few years. During the decade, EICBI and its associate organisations have hosted many summits, delegation visits, programmes, and virtual activities. Find a brief overview of EICBI activities below.

EICBI activities over the years have played a role in creating impact in the UK India corridor and EU India corridor, as seen below

EICBI is gearing up for its next campaign, EuIndia60 Campaign, to commemorate the 60 years of establishing diplomatic relations between India and the European Union (EU) in 2022. These activities will provide insights into how the relationship between the EU and India has evolved considerably over the last 60 years. They will also focus on views from the next generation of leaders in the EU India corridor about their thoughts on the future of EU India relations.


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