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India Technology Summit promotes trade between British-India tech ecosystems at UK Parliament

Updated: Nov 20, 2017

London, 14th November : Ab0ut 120 people crowded into Committee Room of British Parliament at the start of Global Entrepreneurship Week for this year's Europe India Centre for Business & Industry's (EICBI) India Technology Summit, held on 14th November, to listen to 28 speakers from pioneering British and Indian start-ups, major corporates and investors.

Supported by Sivaleen Associates and Empact Ventures , this curated event aimed to establish an understanding of the major technological challenges and opportunities in India and the UK, and to connect and enable people, companies and communities to work together. Since it was first held in 2012, the EICBI’s summits have engaged more than 2700 delegates from over 1000 companies.

Sujit Nair, Chair of the Europe India Centre for Business and Industry said that “the aim of India Technology summit was to showcase challenges and opportunities in UK, India and Europe so as to help companies make better decisions while expanding into these markets. We structured the agenda for the summit is structured in way to make these companies aware of these opportunities and to encourage them to invest in India. We also had number of British MPs attending the summit as it provides them a first hand understanding of challenges faced by Tech SMEs in UK”. Kosta Mavroulakis, Founder & CEO at Empact Ventures who is also the UK Vice Chairman of EICBI went on to add that at “a critical time for the UK economy as it faces a crossroads in its relationship with the rest of the world, bringing together leaders of businesses of all sizes to discuss opportunities for collaboration is an important step towards strengthening the longstanding partnership between India and Britain”.

This year's summit was introduced by Virendra Sharma MP, with other MPs in attendance including Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi, Bob Blackman, Preet Gill and Ruth Cadbury. “Summits like India Technology Summit at British Parliament help in bringing together various stakeholders who are keen to have a strong relationship between UK and India in one platform and since the summits do attract other members of Parliament and Members of House of Lords, it provides an opportunity for the delegates from specific sectors to discuss their issues with MPs,” Virendra Sharma MP, Chair – Indo British All Party Parliamentary Group. said.

The summit covered number of major areas pertaining to challenges and opportunities in India/ UK/ Europe's technology sector. The summit showcased a case study of a successful technology partnership between a UK company and Indian company; various opportunities in India's Technology sector, panel discussions on corporate innovation, investment scenario, the next big tech opportunities in UK/India/ Europe and opportunities for UK India Technology partnerships

Manoj Agrawal, Director of Digital Services at leading recruiting experts, Hays, who was part of the corporate innovation panel explained how the 175-strong team he works with in India use Agile techniques, supported by a core team of 30 in the UK, has delivered technology innovation in the areas of Cloud Computing, Data Science, and Machine Learning. Manoj said: “We have invested in creating a state of the art technology, innovation and digital delivery capability in India. A team of close to 200 Engineers, based in the UK and India, within our Digital and Innovation function works in the most

integrated fashion to provide solutions to business problems by harnessing the latest technological trends. Within this Engineering hub based in India, we have successfully scaled Agile product delivery techniques to encompass close to 20 products and projects being delivered at any given point in time. These self-managing teams are organised without any hierarchy whereby every team member plays a specific role in the product development. Our team in India is a core part of our business, The success

of this team is a testament to the drive, passion, enthusiasm, and commitment shown by our colleagues in India.”

Another MP who joined the summit was Bob Blackman MP who believes that “as the UK begins to negotiate its relationship with Europe, there has never been a more pertinent time to rejuvenate our existing partnership with India and to start an exciting new chapter in the history of these two great nations. The India Technology Summit takes an important step towards that goal by bringing together some of the brightest minds in the industry to discuss, debate and examine how these future opportunities can be realised”

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