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UK India Leaders Conference 2024

32nd summit in Europe

July 2024

UK Parliament, London

EICBI summits in UK parliament and EU Parliament

Europe India Centre of Business and Industry and its associate organisations have organised 26 Major summits at British Parliament in London, 5 Major summits at European Parliament in Brussels over the past few years in promoting trade and relations between India and European Union as well as between India and the UK. 

In addition to the physical summits, EICBI has organised number of virtual activities as part of the EuropeIndia40 VIEWS campaign so as to promote discussions amongst the current Members of Parliament and EuropeIndia40 leaders.


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Find agenda and post conference report of our previous summit at UK & European Parliament and other locations HERE


Afternoon Session
Location - UK Parliament


Welcome Address


Mr Sujit S Nair
Chairperson, Europe India Centre for Business and Industry




Panel Discussion 1

  1. Progress and sticking points: The India-UK FTA negotiations have been ongoing for some time. Discussion on the areas where significant progress has been made, and the key hurdles that remain to be addressed before a final deal can be reached.

  2. Balancing Interests: This FTA is expected to be India's most comprehensive trade deal. How can both India and the UK ensure the agreement benefits their respective economies and protects sensitive sectors?

  3. Looking Ahead: The recent Indian elections have put the next round of negotiations on hold. Given the current state of the talks and the broader geopolitical landscape, discussion on the outlook on the timeline for finalizing the India-UK FTA?



  • TBC


Panel Discussion 2

  1. Beyond Trade: Broadening the Agenda: While the India-UK Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is a major focus, what other areas beyond trade can be prioritized to strengthen the relationship between the two nations? This could cover aspects like education, security cooperation, or technological innovation.

  2. Bridging the Perception Gap: Public perception can sometimes differ from government goals. How can both the UK and India address any existing perception gaps regarding the benefits of a strong bilateral relationship, and ensure effective communication with their respective populations?

  3. The Global Context: The international landscape is constantly evolving. How can the UK and India navigate geopolitical challenges and emerging global trends, such as the rise of China, to further strengthen their ties in the years ahead?



  • TBC




  • Proven strategies, authentic experiences, and fresh thinking that business leaders can learn from and implement with confidence. 

  • Join CEOs, CFOs, Exec. GMs, marketers, and Board members will receive an extensive briefing on strategies to pursue your business in India and the EU.  

  • Interaction with experts from the UK and India which helps in updating the knowledge at interactive sessions

  • Global networking: In transferring and exchanging Ideas 

  • Scope of enhancing marketing opportunities and collaborations 

  • Network with critical experts (EU/ UK/ India) and explore new business opportunities

  • Sharing and learning of best practices and success stories

  • Sharing your points of view on growth enablers and get feedback for the same from other experts at the conference


'UK India Business Conference' will bring considerable benefits to all the leaders who attend by increasing access to the connections in the UK India corridor, financing, resources, and strategic insight to grow their business across continents.


  • Business leaders from micro, small and medium scale enterprises

  • Investors and Investment seekers

  • Banking and Financial Institution Representatives

  • Consultants seeking new engagements

  • Accountants who can help new companies

  • Solicitors/Lawyers who provide guidance

  • Senior Academicians and Thought Leaders

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