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Europe India Leaders Conference 2022- Silver Jubilee Summit

Europe India Centre for Business and Industry is organising Europe India Leaders Conference on 28th and 29th June with sessions at the EuroChambres and European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium and an industry visit. The EUIndia60 Legends coffee table book which will look at the 60 leaders (Alive and Deceased) who have shaped EU India relations over the past 60 years is expected to be released during the conference. Find more details about the conference here -

28th June marks a significant day in the history of India-EU relations as it was on this day that the first-ever EU-India Summit was held in Lisbon, Portugal 22 years ago.

This conference, which will be the 25th Major summit over the past 10 years, will bring considerable benefits to all the leaders who attend by increasing access to the connections in the EU India corridor, financing, resources, and strategic insight to grow their business across continents. It will be of particular importance to business leaders and entrepreneurs as it looks to bring in critical insights from a number of leaders and experts from the EU-India corridor on a range of topics concerning the evolution of India-EU trade relations, the growth of sustainable and renewable technology sectors, and building successful brands in the Indian/EU market. Furthermore, it is the perfect opportunity to network, connect, share experiences and learn from experts as well as fellow colleagues working in connected fields.

Europe India Centre for Business and Industry managed by Sivaleen Foundation for Developed India is an independent, non-partisan organisation that aims to further business, trade and investment connections in the India-EU and the India-UK corridors through sector-specific summits, parliamentary working groups and discussions, and cooperation with private and public stakeholders and diverse companies in India, EU and the UK.

Europe India Leaders conference is part of EICBI’s larger EUIndia60 campaign to commemorate 60 years since diplomatic ties were established between the two parties back in 1962. As part of the EUIndia60 campaign, Europe India Centre for Business & Industry (EICBI), supported by Sivaleen Foundation for Developed India (SFDI), is organising a series of activities in 2022 under the campaign #EUIndia60. The activities as part of the EUIndia60 campaign will provide insights on how the relationship between the EU and India has evolved considerably over the last 60 years and will also focus on views from the next generation of leaders in the EU India corridor about their thoughts on the future of EU India relations.


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