Strategic partners 

We offer a perfect solution for companies to maximize their reach in the India - UK/ Europe corridor. A strategic partnership with EICBI helps companies to position themselves better in Europe - India community.  If you are interested to be a EICBI strategic partner, please find the details here

MAK Projects
MAK Projects is a premier Infrastructure, Housing and Development Company with the vision and promise to deliver Innovation and Excellence in a broad variety of fields.
Andhra Pradesh Medtech Zone(AMTZ)
Andhra Pradesh Medtech Zone(AMTZ), worlds first and only integrated medical equipment manufacturing Zone
Indus Law
INDUSLAW is an Indian law firm advising clients worldwide on Indian law, in relation to their transactional goals, business strategies and resolution of disputes.
Somayaji Group
SOMAYAJI Group based in Bangalore is the brainchild of Mr. Krishna Somayaji with a rich and diverse portfolio. Banking Technology, Infrastructure and Branding being its main offerings, the group services over 100 clients worldwide
Mohan Electro-Casting Pvt Ltd
Mohan Electro-Casting Pvt Ltd is a manufacturer of specialized machinery upto 65 ton single piece equipment for all esteemed OEM’s and End Users worldwide.
Handcrafting software solution for businesses.
Applying the latest computer vision technology and machine learning techniques, Spookfish deploy cutting edge, intelligent solutions, ensuring that our clients are a step ahead of the competition.
NAKSHI is a a fair trade platform which has empowered more than 1000 Artisans and designers and got awarded with Startup India recognition by Govt. of India after 18 months of launch and then also got selected in NASSCOM's 10000 startup accelerator program.
Nitish Desai Associates (NDA)
NDA are the go-to specialists for companies around the world, looking to conduct businesses in India and for Indian companies considering business expansion abroad.
Akarmax offers cutting edge software development and digital marketing services
Euro Alliance (EA)
As a Swiss-based Technology Group, EA connects global markets with path-breaking technologies and products through private equity & venture capital, advisory & consulting and International trade
UK India Startup Corridor
UK India Startup Corridor is committed to supporting individuals and startup organisations at various stages and needs with fit for purpose collaborations across UK and India.
Creactos Palmyga
CreActOs - Creative Action Outcomes, is a Management Consulting services, with emphasis on 'Enabling decisions for desired outcomes'.
LandMark Publicity
LANDMARK is a leading out-of-home agency which provide outdoor media solutions in region of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal and Jammu Kashmir.
IFIN Talent
IFIN Talent is India’s finest Authentic IT, Finance Recruitment and Staffing firm
Digital Vaastu
Digital Vaastu is a boutique Digital Marketing company based in Bengaluru, the Silicon valley of the East.
Ayruz is a data-driven digital marketing and data consulting agency with roots in South India and the Philadelphia, USA; Ayruz brings over a decade of experience in digital marketing and analytics service primarily in the UK, Europe, India, and USA.
TaxBell is a leading practice of international tax planning and corporate service specialists.
One stop solution for multinational
companies entering in India and
doing business.
Global Student Connect
Global Student Connect assists students in getting admissions in universities and also provides online courses
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