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London based body, EICBI, and Face Palette, sign MoU to offer beauty training programmes in India

Updated: Feb 6, 2018

MoU covers delivery of multiple formats of makeup training workshops and programmes, which will be certified by Europe India Centre for Business and Industry (EICBI) and delivered by Face Palette

London – 5th February, 2018 – Europe India Centre for Business & Industry (EICBI), a London based multilateral body which promotes sector specific business opportunities between India and UK/ EU and hosts projects and international forums for the promotion of specific business and geo-political initiatives, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Kochi based firm, Face Palette, to offer beauty training programmes in India.

Under the MoU, Face Palette will deliver different formats of makeup training workshops for Indian and foreign students at its professional makeup training studio in Kochi and all these courses will be certified by EICBI and students will receive a joint certification from EICBI and Face Palette.

These programmes intends to provide extensive training to people who are keen to learn the Indian style of makeup, yet has a strong international influence so as to match the expectations of international clients. With huge Indian diaspora spread across the world, there is a constant requirement of makeup artists who can do Indian bridal makeup for Indian Hindu, Indian Muslim, Indian Christian weddings etc and through these makeup training programmes, it will provide the right kind of training for individuals who are passionate about makeup and offer bridal and other makeup services for people who want Indian makeup which matches international standards.

"Partnering with The Face Palette will help us to provide a great opportunity to promote Indian style of makeup to the outside world. EICBI is dedicated to promoting trade, relations and business between India and the UK/ EU and programmes like these help us to not only showcase the Indian style of makeup amongst Indian diaspora but also encourage other individuals to learn the art of Indian makeup” said Abhishek Tripathi, Vice Chair of Events, Europe India Centre for Business and Industry.

Lekshmi Menon, Founder of Face Palette shared “This collaboration forms part of our overall strategy to ensure that the students who complete our course at our Pro studio gets the relevant certification from an international body. Europe India Centre for Business and Industry alongside its associated entities have been playing a leading role in promoting trade and relations between India and the UK/ EU over the past few years and have organised 20 summits at the British Parliament engaging more than 2820 stakeholders in the UK India corridor including ministers, Members of UK and Indian Parliament, Government officials, Bureaucrats, Business Executives etc. In addition to this, EICBI has led numerous delegation visits and other activities which were meant to showcase opportunities for businesses across various sectors in India and the UK. With such a reputed organisation providing certification to our students, we are sure that it will be of tremendous benefit to our students when they will start exploring opportunities in the beauty industry.

According to the joint study by Assocham and research agency MRSS, India pegged the current market size of cosmetics and grooming industry at $6.5 billion. This is expected to rise manifold to $35 billion by 2035, with consumption of cosmetics among teenagers increasing rapidly thereby providing huge opportunities for makeup artists.

About Europe India Centre for Business and Industry

Europe India Centre for Business and Industry ( EICBI ; Pronunciation: EYE - BEE ) is an independent, multi lateral organisation which promotes business opportunities across various sectors in Europe and India. EICBI was formed with the intention of making European companies aware of the business opportunities in India and vice versa. EICBI hosts projects and international forums for the promotion of specific business and geo-political initiatives. The mission of the organisation is to promote trade and investment between India and Europe, and to provide a platform for companies and businessmen who wish to become part of the India- Europe trade community. With a team of seasoned professionals at helm, the organisation also provides all the ground support required for companies to expand and flourish in Europe and India.

About Face Palette

The Face Palette is a makeup training and make up services entity, founded by Lekshmi Menon. She is a Celebrity Makeup Expert and Beauty Influencer who was featured as a 'Leading Light' by Asian Voice, Britain's Largest and Oldest News Weekly. She was featured for creating a new style of Makeup Methodology called Induk, which is a fusion of Indian and the UK Makeup Techniques. The Face Palette aims to give an insight into the world of makeup artistry, share knowledge about basic and advanced makeup tips and tricks, get different looks, review about products and make all you beautiful people out there... even more glam, pretty and confident. We believe that Makeup is an art and an illusion to highlight your core features and emphasise what you like. Understanding colours, textures, finishes and techniques are very important to achieve this and through The Face Palette, we aim to teach you just the same. The Face Palette mission is to make the girls of India and other parts of the world feel beautiful about themselves, teach them all about art and the beauty of dressing up, make them feel confident in their own skin tone. We do this by conducting make up classes (at our studio in Kochi and online), offering grooming workshops for Corporates and addressing queries regarding MakeUp Tips and tricks through our website - and Facebook Page 'The Face Palette by Lekshmi Menon'​. We want all women out there to look into a mirror, be confident and say "Well, I do look good!"​.

Media Enquiries

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