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A case study of UK India technology partnership in action

During the India Technology Summit at UK Parliament on 14th November, EICBI provided an opportunity for Chirp, an UK company & ITC infotech, an Indian company to showcase their partnership in action to the delegates attending the summit. In this blog, we have tried to summarise some of the points which they covered during their presentation. This case study was presented by Moran Lerner - Chief Executive Officer, Chirp & Vivek Pandit - Sr. Director – Business Development, ITC Infotech Ltd

The impact of technology on businesses has resulted in delivering quality output. They have bought business together and encouraged them to depend on each other. In the case of Chirp and ITC Infotech, such collaboration made them deliver better results.

Chirp is a UK based company which uses technology which enables sending data via sound through a comprehensive suite of SDKs across all platforms. ITC Infotech is a India based technology solutions provider.

Why Chirp and ITC Infotech comes together?

Chirp developed data over sound which is universally applicable. ITC Infotech with deep domain understanding across industry which enables them to develop technology solution. Both together they develop a differentiated delivery.

The partnership has resulted in development of client / industry specific solutions.

In banking, it enable peers to peers payment solutions.

Smart homes where Smart lighting and appliances can be controlled using mobile app

In retail sector, they could broadcast their offers.

Asset monitoring in Manufacturing segment

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