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Europe India learning programme, an initiative of Europe India Centre for Business and Industry and delivered by Sivaleen Inc, is a 7 day programme which is designed to promote international experience for young people from India and to provide them an understanding of the best business practices that are followed in British companies, so as to prepare them for their professional life in a globally connected world and help them gain an edge over the competition.  The participants will be certified by Europe India Centre for Business & Industry towards the end of the programme.


Programme objective


Through this programme


  • Indian participants will be able to learn about the business culture in UK

  • Indian participants will be able to engage with young people from UK and businesses from various sectors so as to understand their secrets of achieving higher levels of productivity and performance.

  • Indian participants will  be able to understand different cultures, ethnicities, opinions and religions, thereby developing the capability to accept and respect other cultures which would be beneficial in their professional life.

  • Provide Indian participants with valuable skills to network with the some of the best in the business and learn from talented and experienced individuals.

  • UK students/ entrepreneurs/ businesses will be able to explore business opportunities with their Indian counterparts so as to build the foundation for future collaboration

  • Entrepreneurial students/ individuals from UK and India have the opportunity to come together to set up Indo British companies so as leverage the best of both worlds.  

  • Younger generation from UK and India will be able to build a deeper and stronger understanding of the two nations.


Programme highlights


  • This learning programme will cover 3 regions in UK - London, Worcester and Buckingham. In case of change of regions, the same will be informed prior to the visit. This focus on 3 regions is to make participants from India understand the UK economy as a whole rather than focus the programme only in London.

  • The participants from India will be in London for 2 days. The learning programme will be delivered on the 1st day and the participants from India will have the additional day to explore London at their own expenses. London is the European capital of start-up incubators and accelerators and participants will be able to visit an incubator/ accelerator and learn firsthand how these organisations help early-stage companies to grow, either by providing finance, mentoring or access to new customers and markets - ideally all three. They will also be able to interact with other businesses/ startups in the incubator/ accelerator during the course of the day.

  • The participants will be at Worcester for 2 days and the progamme will be delivered during the course of 2 days. The first day will provide a number of opportunities to interact with students, entrepreneur, academic staff and local businesses. The day starts at 10.15 and ends at 8pm. In the morning session, delegate will participate as consultants to the student teams to provide feedback, opportunities and skills to move the team forward during this three hour highly interactive session. Then in the afternoon, a series of skill development session will be held ranging from soft skills to those needed to run company accounts and these session are provided by local businesses. In the evening session, there will be a series of interaction with local entrepreneurs so as to network and gain knowledge on starting and running a business. The second day will consist of trips to two of the local businesses and also visit to famous cricket ground and club. The ground is situated in central Worcester, on the west bank of the River Severn, overlooked by Worcester Cathedral on the opposite bank. The visit to local businesses will focus on a visit to a car company which is know world over for their unique blend of charisma, quality materials, craftsmanship and performance. There will also be another visit to a manufacture of domestic boilers, who are market leaders in UK.

  • The participants will be at Buckingham for a day. During the course of the day, the student will learn from other student entrepreneurs who are establishing and ‘growing’ the business, at the same time as developing their academic knowledge in-depth across the range of business subjects. The students will also learn about starting a business, business launch, business operations and business transitions. The visiting students will also be encouraged to present their ideas/ businesses to the other delegates and get feedback


What is on offer for Indian educational institutions/ young people ?


The special aspect of this program is that you will have these added features after your return


An Understanding of how studying abroad looks like

First hand information of some of the scholarship available in UK for further studies.

Global experience to enhance your resume during college admissions, job interviews

Inspire many of you to embark on International Education and Careers

An opportunity to impress potential employers in UK

The participants will be certified by Europe India Centre for Business and Industry, which adds value to your resume


How can UK based organisations get involved


  • As a UK based educational institution, you can invite the young people to your education institution for a day and make them understand how education is delivered in UK and make them aware of the British culture. This might stoke interest in the young people to join your educational institution for their further studies.

  • As a UK company or an organisation, you can have interactions with the young people so as to make them understand about the business culture in UK and the best practices followed in the country.   This can be carried out as part of your corporate social responsibility programme.


When a UK based institution/ organisations get involved in the programme. you will get the chance to:


  • Engage with the India, which is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

  • Build contacts with potential entrepreneurs/ employees for future collaboration

  • Host talented and ambitious young people from the India and introduce different ideas and ways of working or studying to your institution

  • Build your name and brand with a Indian audience

  • Have your organisation featured in EICBIwebsite and newsletter as Learning partner.


How to apply ?


  • For a briefing form, call us on +91 9343254130 or email us at

What does Europe India learning programme cost ?


  • The price depend on the level of service required for the programme. Our advisor will advise you of the costs associated with your individual requirement

For further details, do mail us at

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