24 Major summits at British Parliament/ European Parliament
Who we are

Europe India Centre for Business and Industry ( managed by Sivaleen Foundation for Developed India - A Section 8 Non Governmental Organisation & Section 12 A enabled Non for Profit entity ) is an independent, multi lateral organisation which promotes business opportunities across various sectors in Europe (EU/ UK) and India. EICBI was formed with the intention of making European companies aware of the business opportunities in India and vice versa. EICBI hosts projects and international forums for the promotion of specific business and geo-political initiatives.


The mission of the organisation is to promote trade and investment between India and Europe (EU/ UK), and to provide a platform for companies and emerging business leaders who wish to become part of the India- Europe (EU/ UK) trade community. With a team of seasoned professionals at helm, the organisation also provides all the ground support required for companies to expand and flourish in Europe (EU/ UK) and India.

What we do

We organise summits to help companies in Europe to understand and pursue business activity in Indian market and for companies in India to understand and pursue business activity in European market

We operate a network of subject matter experts, through our consulting company,helping decision-makers identify solutions to complex strategic challenges. Our empanelled team of experts possess diverse, domain-specific knowledge and have multicultural experience

We offer programmes which are meant to promote closer trade and relations b/w various countries in Europe and India. These programs are delivered by our delivery partners. These programmes are meant to promote knowledge sharing and collaboration between Europe and India


The economy of European Union, United Kingdom and India is starkly different. While the economy of European Union is the third largest economy in the world with a GDP of $15,167 billion, the economy of India is worth around ₹135.13 trillion and is one of the world's fastest-growing economies and the economy of United Kingdom is the fifth largest economy in the world with a GDP of $3.12 trillion.


The painstaking statistical work of the Cambridge historian Angus Maddison has shown, India's share of world income during 1700s was around 22.6% almost equal to Europe's share of 23.3% at that time, Today, India's share of Global GDP is around 3 % whereas the totals share of European Union and United Kingdom is around 30% and therefore we believe that there is a huge potential to tap into opportunities between the two regions. To find more details about these markets, please go through the below links

Strategic Partners

For companies to maximize their reach in the Europe - India corridor, a strategic partnership with EICBI helps companies to position themselves better in Europe - India community.  The strategic partnerships have helped us to offer our stakeholders competitive advantage and an opportunity to access a broader range of resources and expertise.  This means that the partnership can offer distinctive skill sets, opportunities and networks that are different from the competition.