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42 Members of Parliament from UK Parliament, Indian Parliament and EU Parliament have participated in the activities.

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EUIndia60 Campaign celebrates 60 years of establishing diplomatic relations between India and the European Union (EU) through a series of activities.

EUIndia60 legends

EUIndia60 Legends Coffee Table book

The coffee table book, released at European Parliament, shares story of 60 legends who have shaped #EUIndia relations over past 60 years

EICBI summits in UK parliament and EU Parliament

Europe India Centre of Business and Industry and its associate organisations has organised 24 Major summits at British Parliament in London, 4 Major summits at European Parliament in Brussels and numerous virtual summits over the past few years in promoting trade and relations between India and European Union as well as between India and the UK. 

In addition to summits, EICBI also organises delegation visits to UK, EU and India. Over the years, EICBI has hosted British MPs in various Indian states and provided them an opportunity to interact with political leadership, trade bodies, businessmen amongst other so as to get a first hand experience of how India works

Members of Parliament from UK releasing a report during an EICBI summit at the
British Parliament in London

About us

The Europe India Centre for Business and Industry (EICBI) operates as an autonomous, multilateral body that fosters trade and relationships within the UK India corridor and EU India corridor. Its primary objective is to raise awareness among EU/UK companies about the lucrative business opportunities in India, while also providing Indian companies with insights into the EU/UK market potential. EICBI actively hosts projects and international forums to drive specific business and geopolitical initiatives.

EICBI Sujit S Nair with European Members of Parliament
 Members of European Parliament participating in a discussion during an EICBI summit at the European Parliament in Brussels


EICBI organises summits to help companies in the EU/ UK to understand and pursue the business activity in the Indian market and

Vice - versa


EICBI offers programmes that are meant to promote closer trade and relations between the European Union and India and between the UK and India.


To strengthen links between lawmakers/ businesses from Europe and lawmakers/ businesses in India, EICBI Co Ordinates visits of various Dignitaries to India and European Union/ UK

SFDI (Sivaleen foundation for Developed India) which manages the activities and operations of Europe India Centre for Business and Industry is a Non Governmental organisation to promote economic development and skill development in India. It has been granted license number 115423 by the Indian government under Section 8 (1) of the companies act, 2013.

Section 8 Company

Granted license number 115423 by the Indian government to promote economic development and skill development in India.

Section 80G

Section 80G of the Income Tax Act provides a 50% exemption from paying tax on donations made to SFDI

Section 12 A registered

Section 12A enables SFDI to claim full tax exemption as per Section 11 and 12 of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

ISO 9001: 2015

This ISO certification for Quality Management System is related to advocacy, skill development programs amongst others.

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