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Europe India Knowledge sharing programme, an initiative of Europe India Centre for Business and Industry and delivered by Sivaleen Inc, is a 7 day programme designed for Indian Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) so as to provide them an understanding of the best business practices that are followed in British companies.  The participants of this programme will be certified by Europe India Centre for Business and Industry towards the end of the programme.

Programme objective.


Through this programme


Indian companies will get a direct feel of Best Practices followed by companies who are  Leaders in their field

Help the participants understand the practical aspects of implementation and also get clarifications, if any.

Explore potential joint venture and business opportunities between UK companies and Indian companies.  


How can UK based organisations get involved ?


As a UK company or an organisation or a trade body, you can have interactions with the participants of the programme so as make them understand about the business culture in UK and the best practices followed in the country. When your organisations get involved in the programme. you will get the chance to:


Engage with the India, which is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Build contacts with businesses which have not yet explored international markets for future collaboration

Build your name and brand with a Indian audience

Have your organisation featured in EICBI website and newsletter as Knowledge sharing partner.


What is on offer for Indian MSME ?


The special aspect of this program is that you will have these added features after your return


An Understanding of the best practices followed in UK companies.

First hand information of some of the opportunities available in UK market for your company when you plan to expand aboard.

An opportunity to explore joint venture opportunities with companies in UK

A certificate from British South India Council of Commerce, which helps to position your organisation better vis a vis your competitors.


How to apply ?


For a briefing form, call us on +91 9343254130 or email us at

What does India-UK knowledge sharing programme cost ?


The price depend on the level of service and duration of the programme. Our advisor will advise you of the costs associated with your individual requirement.

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