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UK Tamil Nadu Puducherry Business Meet 2017 at UK Parliament

On 13th July 2017 , this summit was organised to promote business activity and partnerships between UK and Indian state of Tamil Nadu/ Puducherry.

The Meet

'UK Tamil Nadu Puducherry Business Meet' was held at Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London on 13th July 2017 so as to promote business activity and partnerships between UK companies and Indian companies, particular among those who have business activity in Tamil Nadu.The business meet attracted about 170 delegates including representatives from Tamil Nadu, Members of House of Commons, representatives from UK companies, Indian companies and other individuals/ organisations from across the world who are interested to pursue business in Tamil Nadu/ India/ UK and businessmen from India who are successful in UK. About 13 experts from UK and Tamil Nadu shared their experience with the delegates from a wide range of sectors and this helped to achieve the summit's aim of establishing an understanding of major business challenges and opportunities in UK and Tamil Nadu/ India and promoting exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences among current and future business and political leaders from UK and India/ Tamil Nadu


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