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A platform mentored by EICBI to support Beauty education sector in India


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After successfully hosting Europe India Beauty Summit at the British Parliament in London on 17th October 2019 whereby Europe India Centre for Business & Industry (EICBI) engaged with beauty industry leaders from UK, India and European Union, we are pleased to continue supporting the beauty sector in India through the mentoring of the online beauty education platform – EUDIA. EUDIA provides an opportunity for Beauty academies and Beauty experts to offer various beauty related courses online so that those interested to learn from the comfort of the home can avail these courses. During the course of the decade, EICBI and its delivery partner, Sivaleen, has hosted 22 Major summits at British Parliament in London and 2 Major summits at European Parliament in Brussels engaging with Members of Parliament in UK, EU, India alongside bureaucrats, business leaders, civil servants etc. 

A number of beauty industry leaders reached out to us in order to promote them during this Covid Pandemic by leveraging our worldwide network and therefore, we decided to help mentor EUDIA platform so that in times of crisis like the current one, beauty academies and experts can not only continue offering courses to students but can also support their business.

Initially academies/ experts who are keen to offer hair, make-up, nails and cosmetology courses and who’s medium of instructions are in the following languages – English, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu – are invited to register.

Through the vast reach of EICBI network in India, European Union and UK, it will also help the academies and beauty experts to reach out to Indian diaspora and Non-Resident Indians who are keen to learn about the latest trends in the Indian beauty industry.


In addition to submitting recorded courses, Academies and Beauty experts should be able to allocate 1 - 2 hours in month so as to come online for a live interaction with students who have booked their courses in order to address their queries. In addition to helping the students, this live interaction not only helps to increase the popularity of the courses offered by the academy/ expert in EUDIA but will also provide publicity for the academy/ expert to have students coming directly to study at the academy.  EUDIA will manage all aspects of the live interaction.

What you should do:

  1. Get in touch with us and let us know the courses you would like to offer

  2. Only Video based courses are accepted.

  3. The total duration of the course should be atleast 2 hours and must have atleast 10 lectures or learning modules.

  4. Tutors can add additional teaching tools like content book, assignments, quizzes etc in order to create a great learning experience for students.

  5. Each course will go through the quality review process so as to ensure that students have a great learning experience. 

  6. After quality review process, the course will be published for FREE. Eudia takes a revenue share only when a student purchases your course. This revenue not only helps to maintain the platform but also help to pay for advertising costs.

Advantages with EUDIA


As EUDIA is mentored by EICBI, it provides a great opportunity for beauty academies and beauty experts to take their activities to the next level.

  1. An opportunity for your institution to reach out to the local and global audience and thereby get the recognition which you deserve.

  2. Even though initially it will take time to record the courses and prepare content, once it is recorded and submitted to EUDIA, you can continue generating income from that course for your lifetime irrespective of whether there is a crisis or no crisis.

  3. EUDIA, mentored by EICBI, will be promoting and marketing the platform extensively in India & abroad and therefore by being in the platform, it will enable you to reach out to those who might not have heard about you or your academy. This will also turn out to be an opportunity for students to explore the possibility of studying directly at your academy if they are impressed with your online courses.

For more details, do get in touch with us at, call us at
+91 93432 54130 or fill the contact form below

Thanks for submitting. We will be in touch shortly. Please do call us at +91 93432 54130 for any queries!

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