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Expand your business in UK, India and EU

We operate a network of subject matter experts who help decision-makers identify solutions to complex strategic challenges. Working through our subject matter has helped our clients to harness  the expertise of a set of individuals who posses diverse, domain-specific knowledge. This model has helped to creates value for business functions and has helped us to use the principle of distributed problem solving to gain access to ideas across hierarchies and geographic distances. Our empanelled team of experts has lived and breathed multi-cultural and multi-linguistic work environments globally, has delivered our expertise in various international platforms and comprehend the uniqueness of each business that we come across on a regular basis.


Why our consultancy service

The consultancy service are delivered by subject matter experts of varying expertise so as to fit the requirement of companies of different sizes and sectors. As each of these subject matter experts have build a reputation and skill set in a particular area of expertise over the years, availing the service of our subject matter experts helps a business to understand the ins and outs of a sector in which they are interested to explore business opportunities.

Wec has been playing a major role in promoting trade, investment and relations between India and Europe, particulary UK , The fact that Sivaleen Inc were able to engage a large number of companies from EU/ UK/ India during our summits at the British Parliament, London and European Parliament in Brussels is the testimony of the fact that we are best positioned to help organisations in EU/ UK and India to explore opportunities. The vast network of relations which has built over the years helps us to offer clients a deeper understanding of business opportunities and challenges in EU/ UK and India

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